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Grow Faster, Grow Bigger & Yield More!

  • Lifetime Customer Service
  • One-on-One Grow Support
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • Turn Key - Comes with everything you need to grow!
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Sensi Dispensary

Built strong and designed for growers who want the best, this grow tent kit comes with nothing but high quality components designed to work in harmony.

  • Your choice of Hydroponics or Soil
  • Grow up to 3/4lb of Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs per cycle!
  • Professional Grade Carbon Filter

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AutoYielder XL

The Autoyielder Pro XL is a fully automated fully packaged ALL-IN-ONE grow system for all indoor cultivation needs!

  • Dual Carbon Filters
  • 8 Large Plants (Hydro), 12 Small Aeroponic, 6 Soil
  • Easy to Use
  • Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty
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AutoYielder Grow Kit

Hand Crafted in the USA, the Auto Yielder includes everything you need but seeds!

  • Dual Carbon Filters
  • Grow up to 6 Plants
  • Lockable Latches
  • Lifetime Customer Service
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Ready, Set, Grow!

Hydroponic growing has never been easier with our fully automated grow box systems.  Pound for pound our boxes feature the best grow tech for your money. Hand assembled in the USA, each box is finished with medical grade interior powder coating instead of cheap & ineffective mylar & uses industrial strength mechanical environmental controls instead of over the top expensive “touch screen” timers.

Built to Last

Our Boxes are Tough and Well Built

Fully Automated

Fully Automated Growth

Easy to Grow

Growing Made Easy

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The RSH Poll

When it comes to lighting I use:

Poll Results

When it comes to lighting I use:

  1. 72 (26.09%) HID (HPS/MH):
  2. 151 (54.71%) LED:
  3. 43 (15.58%) Flourescent:
  4. 6 (2.17%) Natural:
  5. 4 (1.45%) Other: