Why Buy From Ready Set Hydro?

  • Craftsmanship

    Our grow boxes are hand assembled in USA with the utmost attention to detail. Our cabinets are made from high-grade, 16 gauge steel, then covered with a medical grade powder coat finish that will last for years to come. Our products are designed by industry veterans with a combined total of over 40 years of experience. We’ve spent over a decade researching, developing, and refining our products in order to bring you the highest quality indoor gardening appliances on the market.

  • Finest Components

    Unlike many of our competitors, our products are constructed from the finest quality components. At RSH, we understand that you rely on a quality components to get your plants through harvest. That’s why we only use proven brands in our grow boxes. We use parts from Lumatek, OdorSok, TechnaFlora Nutrients, Hurricane Fans, SuperPonics, and Gorilla Grow Tents - Just to name a few.

  • Ease of Use

    Our products are so easy to use, it makes outdoor gardening seem difficult. Not only have we designed our turn-key systems to be fully automated, but we also include a comprehensive manual, instructional DVD, nutrient feeding schedule, and grow tips guide with every order. You’ll be growing professionally in no time!

  • Better Yields

    Our grow cabinets use the Award Winning SuperPonic System. What is SuperPonics? SuperPonics is the automated hydroponic system that makes growing a breeze. It will grow your plants up to 2x - 5x faster than a traditional hydroponic or soil system. It’s so effective because it combines three (3!) types of hydroponic methods into one system for the ultimate growing experience.

  • No-Hassle Warranty

    We are so confident that we make the best grow cabinets that we cover each grow box chassis a No-Hassle 3 Year Warranty. You won’t find a competitor that stands behind their products like we do.  Light bulbs are guaranteed for 6 months and perishable components (nutrients, grow medium, etc.) are covered for 90 days against manufacturer defects.

  • One-on-One Grow Support - For Life!

    We stand behind our products 100%. So no matter if you bought your grow box yesterday or 10 years ago, simply give us a call and our expert support team will give you the one-on-one support you deserve. Whether it’s a simple question or a complex plant problem, we’ve got your back.

  • Stealth

    At Ready Set Hydro, we understand that your fruits, vegetables, or herbs may produce undesirable odors - Take cauliflower, basil, and thyme for example. We don’t want your house to wreak of cauliflower anymore than you do, nor do we want bugs to be attracted to the odor. As a result, we’ve engineered our products to use DUAL carbon filtration systems. That’s right, all but our smallest grow boxes use two carbon filters - Each filter is connected to a dedicated and ultra-quiet exhaust fan for a whisper quiet growing experience.

  • Advanced Technology

    Name any growing technology - Chances are, we’ve experimented with it and grown with it. From Plasma to Induction Lighting, Soil to Hydro, and everything in between - We’ve tested it. As a result, we’ve discovered the right combination of technology that delivers a high quality product without breaking your bank account.